This week I had two beers worth mentioning.

WTF- enjoyed at my computer desk in the office

Wilco Tango Foxtrot (WTF, hahah)- Lagunitas Brewing Company. 7.83%ABV- Strong malt smell and taste, my very first thoughts were, “This kinda smells like homebrew.”  It tasted like a playful successful science experiment.  I imagined guys haphazardly throwing grains into a kettle, crossing their fingers and giving high fives all around once they realized it was delicious.  A seasonal release for Spring, I found one bottle left at my local Bev Mo and shared it with my co-workers.  The hoppy bitter endnotes did not frighten away non-beer drinks that decided to give it a taste.  I’d definitely give this another go the next time it is available.

beer is best when shared

Smashed Blueberry- Shipyard Brewing Company. 9.00% ABV- As expected, the smell of blueberries jumped out of the glass.  This fruit beer was thick and dark, visually reminding me of the prune juice my mom used to make me drink as a kid.  For those who think they cannot palate beer, this would be a good suggestion.  Unlike a Lambic which creates an almost overwhelming artificial fruit taste, the fruit flavor in Smashed Blueberry was surprisingly subtle (especially considering the smell).   I found the high ABV pretty surprising since it was so smooth.  This is one I’d share with my mom.  I can’t wait to try something else from Shipyard!