Flamingo stand at the bar

Before our unofficial end of summer visit to this little brewery in Vista, I had no firsthand knowledge of Iron Fist Brewing Company beers.   Not normally found on tap at the brew pubs we frequent, my decision to visit came just from knowing they were up there.   Family owned and operated, they opened their doors in October 2010.  This year they expect to produce between 2000-2500 barrels.  To get a good idea of how small they are, Wikipedia has Stone Brewery at 115K barrels in 2010.  I had a couple questions I sent through the generic “contact us” section of their website and was pleasantly surprised when I got an answer back within the hour!

We are going to have to retake the picture. That girl is drinking again.

The Brewery/ Tasting room:   I can tell the space was well thought out.  A notable difference from other breweries using warehouse space is their large roll-up door opened up right into the tasting area.  The openness was a good contrast from my near claustrophobic visit to Lightning Brewery the other week.   Several large groups came in, including a bachelor party, and not once did I give panic eyes to the hubby.   Knowing how strong word of mouth can be, Iron Fist planned well for having the ability to cater to a lot of customers.  There were a good amount of tables and chairs as well as a giant wall people could write on and decorate. 

Taster prices:  4 for $5.  They had 10 beers on tap and we couldn’t decide which two we would leave out.   The nice bartender offered all 10 for $12.  We shared each taster and that was plenty for us to each get a good feel for what each had to offer.

Pretty rainbow through the tasting room

The Line-Up:  For such a young brewery, it came as a surprise that they already had such a large line-up.   A common theme was their use of spice.   Most of their beers had a spicy-sweet aroma.  Needing to refine their flavors a bit, we left empty handed.  That was a little odd for our household, but nothing really spoke to us.  I think with some tweaking, the Spice of Life and Dubbel Fisted could be two that I would consider trying again.

A woman’s perspective:  Looking at the logo, I’m not surprise I’ve walked by the bottles at BevMo.  Visually, it just doesn’t grab me.   I really wanted to love this place.  I loved the layout and the people were spectacular.  I’ll definitely give their beer another shot if I am up in the area, but I don’t think I’ll make the drive again specifically to visit.