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Craft in can? Yes please!

Born in Hawaii, I naturally gravitate towards Island style, culture, and foods even though I grew up in San Diego.  My beer highlight for this week comes from the Island of Maui and has become a regular in my fridge rotation.  I know what you are thinking, craft in a can?  Canned beer has been synonymous with crap beer, but I’ve noticed a couple craft breweries adopting this practical packaging alternative to the glass bottle.  I don’t think it’ll ever take off outright, but there are valid reasons to consider it.   Besides protecting it from light that causes skunkiness, cans are durable, quick chilling and best of all eco-friendly.  Who isn’t green these days?!

Microbrews finding their way into cans.

Maui Brewing Co.’s CoCoNut Porter is my dessert on days I want a little treat in liquid form.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not overly sweet.  It won’t feel like you’re drinking a liquid German Chocolate cake although a lot of the same flavors are in this beer.  The coconut is subtly mixed in with roasted coffee and chocolate.   The smell is rich with a bit of caramel to it.  I’ve read some reviews from those hoping for more coconut flavor.  I personally feel it had the perfect amount staying true to the beer base porter that it is.  Buy a four pack today!