I thought it would be appropriate that my first product running review would also be about my favorite, my beloved Nathan Fanny pack.    It’s a staple in my race day wardrobe due to its comfort and practicality.  Its black sleek design almost makes it unnoticeable against most of my running bottoms.  To date, I’ve only recieved one negative comment courtesy of my friend Monika, “It almost makes you look like you have a package.”

Positives: Small and compact yet able to hold all the necessities for a long run.  For most marathons I carry my phone, three Gus, and 1 chomp sample pack.  The top closes with no issues.  Once positioned and secured on my upper hips, the pack does not move.  I don’t have to worry about fidgeting with it or it bouncing during a run. 

Negatives:  Does not hold beer.

Over the years the fanny pack has gotten a bad rap.  Although I don’t think I’ll ever bring it back to style, it really is a very useful long run accessory.  With a reasonable retail price of about $25, I think runners looking for a solution to carrying more fuel should definitely consider this cool bag!