Sporting my "Will Run For Beer" Team Shirt

Held on October 22, OktSolierFest was a Beer Tasting and live music event hosted by Mission Brewery and benefited the Warrior Foundation.   Personally I’m not huge on beer tasting events.  Most of them cost in excess of $40 and I don’t believe in solely consuming  $40 worth of beer in one sitting as much as I love the stuff.  By the 8th sampler, the complexity of anything I taste is lost and everything just “tastes like yummmm.”  Still I was persuaded to try this event by my Will Run For Beer crew and the facebook coupon code they found.  $25 for VIP entry, 14 tasters and food included??  SOLD!

Will Run For Beer Ring Leader - Marie!

Beer outside on a beautiful day!

I never had the chance to visit since Mission opened up their new brewery converted from an old Wonder Bread factory.  The space is big, beautiful and clean.  I didn’t realize OktSoldierFest would be an outdoor event, but it made sense that they would need to close off a portion of the street to accommodate 40 breweries.    Many beer lovers would see this as a challenge and to attempt to hit up as many breweries possible.  As I grow wiser in my years, I realize that’s not the point.  Well.. at least it is not MY point.   I must have a method, or it will become madness.

Lederhosens in full effect at Oktsoldierfest!

The last time I did tasters (Churchills Sour Fest) I split each sampler with a group of 4 people. I was able to cover a lot of ground that way while still getting a good feel for what each beer had to offer.  During Oktsoldierfest, everyone had their own tasters.  Since many of the breweries were local and easily attainable, I decided to try and stick with the breweries I had not sampled before or new beers for me that perked my interest.  Below is the list of breweries and in bold are those I decided to visit.

Abita Brewing
Affligem Brouwerij
Allagash Brewing Co – I was happy to see the had Black since although I see it at Bevmo all the time I’m too cheap to buy it.

Anderson Valley
Ballast Point
Bay Bridge
Bitburger Brauerei
Boston Beer
Brasserie Huyghe
Brouwerij Verhaeghe
Eel River
Erdinger Weissbrau
Fox Barrel Cider Co-  On such a warm day, the sweet cider was very refreshing
Gordon Biersch
Great Divide
Green Flash
Hofbrau Munchen
Hangar 24
Iron Fist
Julian Hard Cider
Malheur Bieren
Mission Brewery
New English
North Coast Brewing Co.
Ommegang- Went back 3 times! 
Pizza Port
Rock Bottom
San Diego Brew Co.
Shipyard Brewing Co.
Sierra Nevada
Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan
Stone Brewing
Tijuana Beer Company

The Mission Brewery facility was open during the festivities.  Although it is a San Diego beer, since I don’t make it into downtown a great deal I decided to pop in and hang out for a little bit.  Something lovely was fermenting at the time and it smelled just wonderful.  Our beer attendant was nice enough and I am already a fan of their beers, so I’ll definitely be back!  Two thumbs up Mission Brewery for putting on a great event.  It was a very fun day!

Fermentation Magic... Am I the only one that finds this sight beautiful?