Find this... before I do.

 Feeling rather uninspired to write about anything in the last few days, my husband came home with a bottle of yuminess that has shot put me out of my funk.  Manzanita Brewing in Santee brewed up Serenity for their 1st Anniversary and what a great brew to celebrate the milestone.  A Barleywine aged for 9 months in Canadian whiskey barrels, it is smooth and sweet with plenty of caramel flavors and a punchy warmth that screams the holidays are here! 

I am not giving up where Ben picked up a bottle.   Yes, this beer not only inspired me, but has brought out my jackass side (is that really hard to do?).  At just under $10 for a 12fl oz bottle, it’s not a beer you take to down at a party.  This is dad worthy beer.  I plan on sharing this find with my pops and hoping it brings a smile on his face this Thanksgiving.