If I had to pick just one ice cream flavor to have for the rest of my life, without a doubt it would be Baskin Robbin’s Chocolate Mint Chip.  So when the hubby came home with a bottle of Bootlegger’s Mint Chocolate Porter, I was very anxious to crack it open.  One of the best parts about the weather getting colder are beer winter special releases.  Brewer’s get creative, allowing themselves to deviate from their year round staples.  This was my first exposure to Bootlegger’s and definitely left me interested in seeing what else they have to offer.

Not surprising, the predominant smell to this beer was mint and cocoa.  As soon as it hit my lips I felt the coolness similar to that of applying Blistek’s medicated chapstick.  Did that turn me off?  Hell no!  A mint fan would enjoy this special release while others may find it too over powering.  I found the flavors to be balanced and smooth.  Unlike my ice cream though, a Mint Chocolate flavored beer is not something I’d choose if I could only have one type for the rest of my life.

Best time to enjoy:  In lieu of a mimosa at brunch or instead of that chocolate cake for dessert.  Good beers can be great when enjoyed in the right context!