Find YOUR flavor

Like beauty, great beer is in the eye (or taste) of the beholder.  The more I learn about beer the more I believe that statement to be true.  Of course I should take no offense to someone who says, “I do not like beer.”  I really have no good explanation as to why I feel like that person has kicked a puppy when I hear it.  I go into automatic defense mode.  There is such a HUGE array of beer flavors, I have a really hard time believing someone can dislike ALL beer.  People with food allergies and those who stay away from it for religious reasons aside, there is a beer out there for everyone!

Take Off Your Blinders.  If you restrain from trying beers because you are convinced you don’t like it, let those thoughts go and give it another shot.  So many people have been tainted by commercial big brand craptastic beer, they’ve let their first impression be their only impression.  Being honest, I was guilty of doing this for years.  It wasn’t until my late twenties that I decided I should broaden my beer horizons.  It’s never too late!

Join/ Start a Beer Club.  A few years ago my childhood friend started a beer club and invited hubby and I join. This marked a huge turning point for me.  This gave all of us the opportunity to try numerous beers in a relatively small amount of time.  Not to be confused with a frat party where slamming beers is the objective.  Keep the pours to 2-4oz.  Dump when you have to.  Share what you like and taste or dislike.  There are no wrong answers.  Try a theme and keep the field manageable.  Avoid getting to the point of “tastes like yum” if getting to know beer is your goal

Visit a local brewery.  This is a great way for a beer newbie to try a range of beer styles at an affordable price.  You really cannot beat $1- $2 per tasters and are not commited to a full pint.  Win!

Beer can be sour, hoppy, sweet, tangy, bitter, malty, fruity, and spicy.  Beer can be aged in liquor and wine barrels to add complimentary flavors.   These days beer can even taste like bacon.  With such a large spectrum of possible flavors, to lump it into one all encompassing category seems crazy to me.  I understand, “I do not like bitter beers,” or “Fruity beers are just wrong,” and even “Belgians smell like dirty dish water” (even though I do not agree). “I do not like beer,” does not compute.  If you haven’t given the craft beers out there a chance, why not give it a shot?