The TMae 5K+ Finish. I’m a winner!!!

The Gist: I turned 35, it made me sad. My husband likes making me happy. He not only threw me a surprise party, he threw me a surprise 5K+ fun run party! Instead of a 3.1 mile fun run, he made it 3.5 miles to reflect my 35 years of breathing. I’m still sad about entering the next race age bracket, but getting to run around being healthy with my friends and family made it so much better! It’s obvious I love to run. Sharing that joy, experiencing it with others, it really is as enjoyable to me as having a pint and a good conversation. I’ve had plenty of birthdays celebrating with beer (and I still did that of course), but throw in the 5K+ and it really has been my best birthday yet!

Happiest 35 year old EVER.

Surprise!!: The fun run fell two days after my birthday. When the Birthday morning rolled around I was pretty confused, Ben didn’t even get me a card. “Weird,” I thought. He’s normally so good about giving me a card. We went out to happy hour with friends then the next night went to dinner to celebrate again. Okay, birthday done… or so I thought. Hubby enlisted the help of our good friend Michael who has been out of commission in the exercise department until recently. He had been recovering from a surgery, so when he asked me to go on a run Saturday morning I thought, “hell yes!” Our other friend Heather who stays with us about once a month for work was also in town. She was down to run as well. When we got there the first person I spotted was my sister-in-law’s boyfriend. “That’s so odd,” I thought. Then near him I saw my coworker/friend, Sonia. Worlds colliding! Something was definitely up. It took a few minutes to register what was going on even with the “Happy Birthday” banner hanging up. What could I say? I’m a little slow in my old age.

Aaaaand we’re off!

The Course/ The Peeps:Ben put a ton of thought into this. He knew it wouldn’t be successful if he couldn’t get anyone to run. In my opinion he chose the most unintimidating course in San Diego, the short loop on Fiesta Island. Michael and our other buddy Kariem got there super early to map and mark out the course. I was stoked with everyone who was down to join in on the run.

Making our way around Fiesta Island.

My super trooper of a boss who is very open about her distaste of running finished the course as well as my parents who are in their mid-seventies!! GO mom and dad!! I tried to stay with the majority of the group. I wanted to soak up as much as I could from as many people as I could. Those who didn’t run cheered everyone on- just like a real fun run!

Signs I got to see along the course.

The Finish: What was better than finishing up the run with my best buddies in T-Rex style, was watching my folks finish with the biggest smiles on their face. I was so very proud of them!

Everyone taking on my T-Rex style running form.

Mom and Dad at the finish.

The Swag: With the help of his cousin, Ben designed a race shirt that he bought for everyone who attended. The hummingbird and plumerias come from a few of my tattoos. Then he highlighted the scenery with sights from around Mission Bay. I loved it. He even brought scissors for me to cut off my collar. I hate crew necks! My Glam Runner sister Monika made everyone race bibs. After the run she collected them on pages with personal messages and made me my own bib book onsite!

The Yum Yums: It wouldn’t be a party without food! Take a look at the goodies. The Mexican Feast of Greatness was brought to us by Tacos & Gorditas.

Afterthoughts: I think every party should start with a 5K and I really REALLY love my husband.