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Allison_Heartbreak_ridgeThis is my friend Allison on Heartbreak Hill during the 2013 Boston Marathon.  She is wearing the tutu I made for in the marathon’s colors for the year.  That smile wasn’t forced for the camera.  She actually runs that happy.  As with most others who ran that day, she worked her butt off to qualify.  What should have been a day full of celebration for her and many others will forever be tainted by a cruel ugly cowardice act.

I am feeling anger and sadness, both emotions I try to keep to a minimum in my life.  Life is too precious and short.  Admittedly I’m having a hard time shaking these feelings off this time.  What have I decided to do?  It’s a tiny gesture, but one I hope will start a small ripple of happiness.  Through the facebook Glam Runner page I will give away 5 Boston Marathon tutus (like the one created for Allison) to anyone who would like run their next race in honor and in tribute to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.

In no way am I expecting to change the world but I have to believe the little things do count, right?