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If you are a runner you have probably seen this picture floating around Facebook. I am Superwoman on the left. Like Clark Kent, for the most part I have been able to keep my true identity secret. To date SELF Magazine has yet to reach out to me for a personal apology and really, it doesn’t matter. The person I wanted an apology from was the woman who asked for the photos and whom I had corresponded with for a couple of days. This photo editor seemed nice and polite and after I sent in the LA Marathon pictures responded with “Thanks, these are great!” That woman is the only one I care to hear “I’m sorry,” from.  She is the one that made me feel foolish for blindly trusting someone.  Jokes on me right?  Don’t. Trust. Anyone… check.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. In life I’ve taken that to heart and have applied it to ALL situations. It has sometimes been confused with insensitivity from anyone who doesn’t know me personally and my coping mechanism. Sad? Laugh. Nervous? Laugh. Scared? Laugh. Humiliated in a National magazine? You guessed it, laugh my butt off followed by an expletive or two.

There is nothing I could write here that I haven’t read in countless of blogs about #tutugate. Everyone seems to get it. The support has been incredible. This incident has allowed Monika and I to have a larger voice for the charity we are board members of, Girls On The Run of San Diego. I now have a platform to speak about the core values to our entire community and not just the 8-15 girls I would get to coach during a regular season. For that, I am thankful. Personally I think SELF has suffered enough. They get it. I’m sure even other magazine editors are scrolling through their layouts for future publications with more awareness.

But I’m still coping so let me get back to this laughter thing. Looking at the photo plastered over blogs and in the news, despite being called lame I KNOW we look nothing short of awesome. It made me think of some of my other race photos and suddenly became very thankful. It could have been worse. It could have been A LOT worse. Now I know we are #changingtheconversation, but allow me to make fun of myself for a moment. Forgive me, I’m coping.


Heartbreak Ridge- Dork Alert!

Slipping wigs and thriller hands.

Slipping wigs and thriller hands. Cardiff Kook 5k 2013


Carlsbad 5000 2012- Zombie chic?


Mission Bay 2013- T-REX ANGRY!!


Napa Marathon 2014

And last but certainly not least…

Esprit de She 2013- This is the picture I like to torture my husband with.  I show it to him and say, "You totally married this."

Esprit de She 2013- This is the picture I like to torture my husband with. I show it to him and say, “You totally married this.”

So really folks, things could have always been worse.  What photos would you not want the public to see?